Brite Beads is a jewelry company with a focus on fun, colorful, and “brite” bracelets. Brite Beads is based in Cleveland, Ohio and was started by close friends, Kaitlin and Ashley.

Kaitlin and Ashley grew up in Northeast Ohio, and became friends a lifetime ago in high school.  They stayed friends all these years through college, getting married and even having kids within months of each other.  They are involved in nearly every part of each other’s lives and are closer than ever.

Ashley started making several bracelets for Kaitlin and others in early 2020 and received an overwhelmingly positive response.  Kaitlin kept telling her that they needed to start a business and one night decided it was time to launch Brite Beads. One text to Ashley the next morning got her on board and now it’s here!

Each Brite Beads bracelet and stack is thoughtfully handmade. Kaitlin and Ashley take pride on the uniqueness of their products, and they will continue to develop new and creative designs.

Kaitlin and Ashley are extremely grateful to their friends, families, and customers for supporting their women-owned, color-inspired business.